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Welcome to the WiseFool Family

March 27, 2015 2 Comments

il benvenuto alla famiglia
welcome to the wisefool family


Providing High-End Art, Accessories, Fashion, Stories, Support, and Promotions for the high-minded citizens of Surf City, USA as well as all similarly situated artists, athletes, adventurists, antagonists, enthusiasts, and activists around the world.

When it comes down to it, that's the main function of my brand. It's not about the clothes. 

It's never been about the clothes.  They stand merely as symbols of something far greater.

...something more tangible and celestially intertwined than anything made of fibre ever could be.

...something so real that it transcends the physical, ignores the illusory boundaries of convention, and despite all odds connects us all.

It's about getting wise.  It's about staying foolish. It's about living the life of a seasoned yet still-starry-eyed Surf City local no matter where you are in this crazy world, from the farthest flung outbacks to the back alleys of Huntington Beach herself.

Consider this my effort to tie a common thread between the great minds and spirits I see on a daily basis: those of us who lack something in our lives but can't quite come up with what that really means. 

If you long for more, if you crave a certain sense of adventure that comes with every unknown, and if you recognize that same gleam in the eyes of others who you happen to meet along the road less traveled, then WiseFool is for you. 

This is only an attempt to create a vehicle for my universal WiseFool Famiglia to build a cohesive voice: one that I hope will both influence and pay homage to the life we live. The Good Life. The Life of a Wise Fool.

Think of this site as the central hub: where it all starts. Take a look around at my seasonal Surf City inspired fashion, corresponding art collections, the ever-growing photo gallery featuring our Famiglia, and check back often to follow the WiseFool Saga as it continues to unfold via my weekly blog.

With your help, the spokes of our combined influence will continue to extend and sew the seeds of positive vibes far and wide. Here's to our mission, and to the road ahead.

Welcome to my World. Enjoy the ride.

-Danny Colt Collins

Founder, WiseFool





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May 29, 2015

The early 1960s were inspired with optimism and hope. The President and his family being the best examples of such. Disney’s new move Tomorrowland highlights that and suggests we would be well served to move away from inherent pessimism and toward the same sort of optimism that defined America during the Kennedy era!

don colins
don colins

May 18, 2015

I am destined to become a wise fool!

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