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WiseFool Spotlight: Doltyn Snedden's Summertime Snow Jam

June 18, 2015 1 Comment

June 6, 2015: Just another Saturday for nearly every average joe in nearly every Averagetown, USA… but not in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

Not for Doltyn Snedden.

Not for his watermelon wearing homies.

Never one to let boredom influence his life, the WiseFool ambassador set out to put something together that would leave a lasting mark locally and in the lives of his most likeminded homies.

That something came together in the form of a summertime rail jam… on snow. Rather than skate, Doltyn and his realest homies would strap in and shred the rails he had been building into a super-siiick field-of-dreams-esque backyard snowboarding setup.

 He built it, and they came. Doltyn invited 40 of the best local shredders around, encouraging them all to bring a homie and donate at least five bucks for the cause.


Always seeking to get wise while staying foolish, Doltyn decided to make it more meaningful than just a gathering of friends suffering from summertime lack-of-snow blues.

Why not harness the combined power of their mutual love for snowboarding into a force for good? He did just that: using his event to raise funds for Mom’s House, a local organization supporting single mothers seeking education for themselves and their children.

Doltyn wisely says that any revolution (especially a collective revolution of the mind) starts with the youth. Fittingly, so have his charitable efforts.


During the week leading up to his jam sesh, Doltyn began shoveling snow from the zamboni room of his local ice rink each night. Less than twelve hours before the event, he and his closest homies filled four trailers and a truck bed with enough snow to let the good times roll the entire next day.

 The realest homies of them all, fellow WiseFool ambassadors Brandon Heitzenrater and Luke “Jib Kid” Swope came through to support their partner in wisely foolishness. Luke travelled all the way from the Mitten State to do what he loves most: jib sesh hard and chill sesh even harder with the homies.

The overall consensus regarding the best moment of the jam sesh includes several events surrounding the homie Brady McCarthy’s memorable performance. After knocking out his front tooth on a front bluntside, he drew a crowd while calling his dear mother to inform her of the day’s only casualty.

 Quotes of the day from Brady:

“Mom, my tooth is out but it is still in my mouth.”

“Mom, please calm down. I landed my first ever switch hardway two on!”

“Mom, I don’t know. I simply don’t understand the orientation of my tooth right now.”

 Luckily Brady’s tooth did return to its rightful spot later in the day.

Good times were had by all, and Doltyn remains stoked that everyone who came out really understood the purpose of the event. He says it made for a killer vibe that will surely carry everyone into summer with a positive mindset.

So why snowboard during summer? According to Doltyn and Luke, first and foremost, it's all about the homies. Just as importantly, it's meant to spread good vibes and draw positive attention towards boardriders in general.

 In this small town, as in many more conservative small towns in the Midwest, blanket accusations get thrown at skaters, surfers, and snowboarders who unfairly get labeled as stoners, punks, and bringers of destruction (we’re cool with that last one, though). Events like this one, no matter how small, go a long way towards changing that conception, especially when the local punk kids pull together a considerable chunk of change for a community based charity.

Doltyn’s mission: to make people stop and reconsider the way they look at the world. Have fun, be free, do so with a purpose, and if a few people begin to question what they just witnessed, maybe break down a mental barrier or two in the process.

A free mind is an open mind, and Dolytn Sneden is a footsoldier in the wisely foolish liberation front fighting against the rusty chains of mental slavery.

That may sound scary, but in actuality it’s a peaceful movement. Don’t believe it? Watch the videos Luke and the homie Brandon Lawruk put together as a recap of the railjam: clear examples of what one kid can do with a couple goodhearted homies and a wisely foolish mindset.




Doltyn would like to give shoutouts to all the homies who came out, to WiseFool, MACKR Clothing, #besomebody, Planet Ice, and Ski Den for sponsoring, and last but not least his parents for coming to terms with the inevitable lack of normalcy in their household.

 Looking ahead to next year’s rail jam, Doltyn says he aspires to make it 100% public, with a new and improved location, open to all, and much larger in terms of participation, sponsorship, and fundraising.

As for now, he looks forward to kicking it all summer long with plenty of skate, surf, work, film and photo seshes, but most importantly real good vibes with real good homies. 

Get Wise. Stay Foolish. #WiseFool

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June 21, 2015

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